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Ok, so, 2015 was not a good year for the site. I, Janea, got married and went through a multi-state move and job change with my new husband. (Not fun.) Other staff members also had their own life changes, and as a result, SP went dormant. With things settling down in Janea’s life, it’s time to get back to business.

Good news is that a site-wide rebuild was accomplished, and I’m fairly happy with the result. So far we have nearly 300 individual pieces of content on the site. On the old layout, the only way to find something from 2013 was to go back to the beginning and page forward by each publication day. Want something from mid 2014? You might be here a while. Now our content is fully searchable, categorized, and tagged so that you, our reader, can find things easier. The new layout will also link related content at the bottom of whatever piece you’re reading, thus making older content even easier to stumble across. We’ve also linked all content relating to every author whose work we’ve ever reviewed or listed, so you can easily find every Patricia Briggs review we’ve done so far. Finally, the comments feature is new and improved, and most importantly, we’re now much easier to read on your mobile device.

Moving forward, we’ll still be doing some of the same things we were doing before: reading, watching, reviewing, and talking about Speculative Fiction. For the next few months we won’t be concentrating as much on new material, but filling in some of the gaps in our review collection and getting back in the groove of things. We hope you continue to stick with us, and enjoy some of our upgrades.

Janea A. Schimmel

Janea A. Schimmel

Janea is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Speculative Post. She's previously worked on the group Speculative Fiction blog The Ranting Dragon, as well as on her own personal blogs. She's currently enjoying the freedom of writing and editing full time, on The Speculative Post, the illusive novel, and freelance opportunities as she transitions from Lansing, MI to the Chicago area. In her previous life, she worked in an urban public library where she gathered rather too much fodder for stories.

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