2015 Award Season Challenge

A new year means a new project for me here at The Speculative Post. I’ve always wanted to have a blog that was prolific enough to have reviews of at least a majority of the books receiving coverage in the awards circuit. Now that SP has published 63 book reviews in a single year (mostly with 2014 publication dates), I think it’s time to finally undertake that challenge.

As Gayle talked about last January, there are roughly nine major book awards in the American Speculative Fiction world. They are: the Andre Norton Award, the Bram Stoker Awards, the Goodreads Choice Awards, the Hugo Awards, the James Tiptree Jr. Award, the Locus Awards, the Nebula Awards, the Philip K. Dick Award, and the World Fantasy Awards. In addition, there is also the Arthur C. Clarke Award, Compton Crook Award, and the Kitchies. There are even more major and minor awards beyond those. That’s a long list, and it’s hard for the average reader to keep track of them all. Who was nominated? Who won? Why did that book win? What about it was good? And most importantly, do you want to read it?

Even for an experienced blogger like myself, tracking this information down is mindboggling and draining. It’s a lot of savvy Google searches, digging through websites, and spreadsheets. Zomg spreadsheets. (No blogger should be without them!) So this year, I’m issuing myself (and anyone else who’d like to help me out) a challenge: keep track of when award nominations, shortlists, and winners are announced, and endeavor to get a review of each and every novel on those lists published on The Speculative Post. Moreover, to keep accessible lists of all that information available and updated for our readers.

That won’t be all that we’re reading here at SP during 2015. We’ll still be reading new releases and keeping up with the latest movies, and all the other things you’ve come to expect of us. I’m just setting the bar a little higher.

Of course, the Goodreads Choice Awards has already passed us by for books published in 2014, and so I’m already behind. So I’ll leave you with the a list of all the 2014 Book Award Winners below, while I desperately try to catch up in my reading and keep up as the year progresses. (Eek!)

Janea A. Schimmel

Janea A. Schimmel

Janea is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Speculative Post. She's previously worked on the group Speculative Fiction blog The Ranting Dragon, as well as on her own personal blogs. She's currently enjoying the freedom of writing and editing full time, on The Speculative Post, the illusive novel, and freelance opportunities as she transitions from Lansing, MI to the Chicago area. In her previous life, she worked in an urban public library where she gathered rather too much fodder for stories.

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